Environmental Policy

At Rowley’s we are committed to preserving our environment and supporting the local community.

Purchase Policy:
Our dishes are made from fresh ingredients, cooked to order. When purchasing produce (in order of priority) we buy Local, Regional and British.

Supporting our Region:
We endeavour to use local trades and to employ local people.

Energy Saving:
All Rowley’s staff take care not to waste energy or water. Low energy light bulbs are fitted wherever possible and applicances are switched off when not in use.

Glass, cardboard and paper are sorted and recycled. We encourage our suppliers to use minimum packaging and to recycle it when possible. Because we cook to order we have very little food waste. Coffee grounds and vegetable peelings are composted for use in Max’s garden at Baslow Hall. Taking these steps has reduced our general waste by almost half.

Environmentally Friendly and Recycled Products
Whenever possible we source cleaning products which do not harm the environment, and purchase recycled paper and plastic products.