Cocktail of the Month

You have seen us do it – now it’s your turn!

Toblerone Martini

You will need: 

A Martini Glass, Cubed Ice, Cocktail Shaker, Strainer,

All measure are 25ml unless otherwise stated,

1 Bailey’s

1 Franjelico (Hazelnut Liquor)

1 Double Cream (50ml)

1 Creme de Cacao (Chocolate Liquor)

1 Kahlua (15ml)

Chocolate Powder

  • Fill the Cocktail Shaker with Cubed Ice
  • Pour in all the ingredients except the Chocolate Powder
  • Shake the ingredients
  • Dust a plate with Chocolate Powder, wet the Martini Glass and coat the rim with Chocolate
  • Pour the mixture into the Martini Glass through the strainer